Five Times Mohamed 萨拉赫 Proved He Is the Kindest Footballer Around

Mohammed 萨拉赫 coming to the defence of a homeless man is yet more proof that he is the kindest footballer on the planet.

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Mohamed 萨拉赫 is an incredible footballer on the field and an even better human being off the pitch. | Source:
  • Mohamed 萨拉赫 is undoubtedly one of the best footballers on the planet.
  • 近年来,利物浦现象一直是俱乐部一切优点的核心。
  • However, 萨拉赫 often grabs the headlines for his incredible generosity and kindness off the field as well.

Mohamed 萨拉赫 is 球场上的威胁无非


萨拉赫 was the only bright spark in their Aston Villa humiliation and will be hoping to drag his 同事 在国际比赛结束后面对埃弗顿时,他们摆脱了泥潭。


When 萨拉赫 paid for everyone’s fuel

There was a lot of uncertainty during the initial COVID-19 lockdown. With shortages of basic goods running rampant and strict restrictions in place, 萨拉赫 came up trumps with a random act of generosity in June.

萨拉赫 paid for everyone’锁定期间加油站的燃料|资源: 推特

Pictures showed 萨拉赫, in full 利物浦 training gear and a massive smile plastered across his face, pulling up to a petrol station, filling up and immediately 支付车站其他所有人的燃料


To say that 萨拉赫 is a rather popular figure in 利物浦 would be a bit of understatement. The forward is mobbed by adoring fans wherever he goes. Such is 萨拉赫’众所周知,车迷们经常会和他的赛车并驾齐驱,一窥他的风采。

对于一个年轻的默西西德(Merseysider),当他近距离见到英雄时,他的快感变得痛苦起来。 拍拍拍拍拍拍 while jogging alongside a slow-moving 萨拉赫. 

一会儿’s hesitation, 萨拉赫 pulled over, leapt out of the car and went over to the boy to make sure he was okay. After a few pictures and a brief chat with the superstar, a potentially embarrassing moment became one the lad will always remember.

萨拉赫 posed for pictures with the bloodied lad after hearing what had happened | Source: 推特


萨拉赫’s family home in Egypt was burgled in 2018. Just two days later, 萨拉赫 somehow managed to convince his father to stand down from pressing charges after the culprit was apprehended.

取而代之的是,他给了小偷一些钱,让他重新站起来 在试图帮助他找到工作之前。这是该国最著名的男人之一的惊人举动。

萨拉赫 defending a homeless man from harassment

萨拉赫’s most recent heroic act occurred in late September. The 28-year-old came to the aid of a homeless man being harassed by some rather undesirable gentlemen at a petrol station. 萨拉赫 confronted the men as they heckled David Craig, sending them on their way before handing Craig £100.

萨拉赫 came to the aid of David Craig before handing him £100 | Source: 推特

克雷格告诉 太阳.

“莫在球场上对利物浦的表现一样出色。 他听到一群小伙子对我说了什么,然后转向他们说:‘几年后可能就是你’. 我只知道我不是’当Mo难以置信地递给我100英镑时,我感到很迷惑。多么完整的传说。” 


萨拉赫’在改善其祖国人民的生活方面,他的慷慨无止境。在2018年,有消息称安菲尔德英雄正在资助 修建医疗中心和女子学校 在他的家乡。他还付了一笔非常昂贵的账单 埃及男孩的骨髓移植 当他的家人负担不起治疗的时候。

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