Watch: 脸书 Alum. Sean Parker Bashes Amazon, Warns Echo is Spying on Every Word You Say


脸书 founding president Sean Parker wants you to know that Amazon’启用了Alexa的Echo设备正在听您说的每个单词,并且可能会将您的私人对话存档,以备将来使用。前Facebook高管肖恩·帕克(Sean Parker)抨击亚马逊的隐私权帕克还创立了现在被关闭的Napster,加快了关于私人助理如何进行对话的讨论… 阅读更多

加州可能迫使硅谷支付‘Data Dividends’ – How Will Google & 脸书 Respond?


自宣誓就职以来仅四个多星期,加利福尼亚州州长加文·纽瑟姆(Gavin Newsom)已经开始在科技领域成为敌人– specifically with Silicon Valley powerhouses like Google and 脸书. Gavin Newsom is Already Making Enemies in Silicon Valley In his inaugural State of the State Address given on Tuesday, Governor Newsom … 阅读更多

We’re Freeriders: 脸书 Co-Founder Chris Hughes, Worth $500 Million, Wants to Pay Higher Taxes

脸书 co-founder Chris Hughes is back advocating for higher taxes for wealthy Americans. This is not the first time Hughes is calling on the government to take a step to help low-income Americans trying to make ends meet. Hughes spoke on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”这句话:作为那1%,0.1%的一员,我可以说 … 阅读更多

腾讯会’s Massive Investment Help $3 Billion Reddit Take Down 脸书 & Google’s Ad Duopoly?


美国社交新闻聚合网站Reddit在D轮融资中筹集了3亿美元,市场估值为30亿美元。此次注资由中国跨国集团腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)牵头,后者向社交网站投资了1.5亿美元。到目前为止,Reddit已经从无数的融资中筹集了5.5亿美元… 阅读更多

脸书 is so Dominant it Earned $5 Billion in 中国 in 2018 –一个被禁止的国家


In what can only be further evidence of the global reach of 脸书, reports show that the social media platform earned $5 billion in revenue from 中国. Yet 脸书 has been prohibited in 中国 since 2009. 脸书’s Fifth Largest Market, Surprisingly, is 中国 According to reporting by TheStreet and a research note from Pivotal, it’s … 阅读更多

脸书’的Crypto Shopping Spree Isn’t Over Yet. Here’其他可能获得的人。


脸书’s crypto ambitions are reportedly not limited to its acquisition of blockchain startup Chainspace, according to The Information. 脸书 Has Met with at Least Three More Crypto Startups Citing unnamed sources, the publication said 脸书 has been eyeing several blockchain startups with a view of making acquisitions. Some of these firms include Algorand, Basis and … 阅读更多

Breaking: 脸书 Crypto Project Acquires Blockchain Startup Specializing in Smart Contracts


脸书’s secretive crypto division has reportedly made its first acquisition, quietly onboarding most of the research team from a blockchain startup that specializes in smart contract development. 脸书 Acqui-hires Chainspace Researchers Citing unnamed sources, financial news outlet Cheddar reports that 脸书 acquired Chainspace, a blockchain firm founded by University College London researchers. The Chainspace website … 阅读更多



随着加密货币冬季(Crypto Winter)期间比特币价格下跌,财务评论员警告股市投资者不要屈服于基于FOMO的鲁ck购买决定(害怕错过)。正如加密多头所意识到的那样,FOMO被认为是加密高峰时期创纪录的比特币价格的关键驱动力… 阅读更多

脸书 Stock Soars Despite Privacy Issues: Why Won’投资者想出办法了吗?


脸书 users are either very naive or just not easily phased. They helped the social media giant set revenue records during the last quarter when it was plagued by data breaches and privacy concerns. Not only did the seemingly-embattled media behemoth report record earnings, but it also reported a significant increase in user growth. 脸书 … 阅读更多