Why Desperately Needs 唐纳德·特朗普 to Win the 2020 Presidential Election


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’s ability to recover from the MAX 737 backlash relies on 唐纳德·特朗普 winning a second term as president. | Image: REUTERS / Lindsey Wasson / File Photo
  • A record-high U.S. defense budget could turn out to be ’在出现问题时保存宽限期。
  • 为了使这种情况继续下去,该公司依靠特朗普总统的第二任期。
  • is also benefiting from 王牌’与中国的谈判。

Almost one year after (NYSE:BA) grounded its ill-fated 737 MAX series of narrow-body planes, the consequences are continuing to be felt. On Tuesday, disclosed that jetliner deliveries fell to a 14-year low in 2019. This was a drop of about 53% from 2018.


Turbulence Continues

737 MAX危机的直接后果是道琼斯工业平均指数公司 放任首席执行官丹尼斯·缪伦堡. ’s credit rating was downgraded to A- by S&P Global Ratings late last year. Moody’s Investors Service is currently reviewing the aerospace and defense giant’s credit rating. This is coming at a time when is said to be considering raising debt to help it ride out the storm.

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With this in mind, probably needs President 王牌 to get re-elected. There are at least three reasons why.

1. ’s Defense Division Needs a Heavy Military Spender

For fiscal 2018, about 31% of ’s revenues were 由美国政府产生, specifically the Department of Defense. Crucially, more than a fifth of DOD’s procurement budget actually goes to .

With the dramatic fall in commercial plane orders and deliveries, ’s Defense, Space &安全系统部门将成为更大的收入来源。随着特朗普将军事预算增加到去年年底的历史新高,这一部门可能会产生更高的收入百分比。



Traditionally, China has accounted for about 25% of ’s deliveries. But the onset of the U.S.-China trade spat destroyed all that. According to The Wall Street Journal, has suffered from a “two-year drought from China customers” as a 贸易争端的结果. Though Chinese carriers take planes via leasing firms, they mainly order through a central government system. 王牌 has forced China to the negotiating table and can also pressure Beijing into boosting its purchase of products.

Last year in October, 王牌 promised that a preliminary deal with China would result in getting orders worth between $16 and $20 billion.

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Knowing full well the consequences, the EU is likely to work towards leveling the playing field. But without a second term for President 王牌, a Democrat in the White House would ensure that the EU’s unfair habits would return, to ’s disadvantage.

needs 王牌.


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